• Identify Input Payload Contract (
  • add support to recognize flipstarter transaction
  • fix a tx decoder error in case of no inputs
  • add a new source for exchange rates for all fiat that are not supported by kraken
  • use USD as default currency
  • add 1h difficulty estimate and probvide diff value for the next block
  • improve pagination
  • fix various layouts and display problems
  • use git log --no-merges v0.0.7..v0.0.8 for a detailed list of changes


  • Fix coreApi.getBlockByHeight if BTCEXP_BLOCK_BY_HEIGHT_SUPPORT=true
  • Fix an display error in Unconfirmed Transactions view


  • Auto reload of blocks list as soon as new block is detected
  • Removal of more SegWit related lingo in the UI
  • Fix various satoshi conversion in the UI
  • Better and fixed display of the coinbase and miner tagging
  • Improve difficulty history section
  • Improve block stats charts
  • Greatly speed up block detail page
  • Reduce redis ram usage by 30%
  • Automatic update of mempool info in the node status page
  • Significantly improve getblock caching
  • Use getblcokheader rather than getblock in the TX details page
  • Support UTF8 coinbase / OP_RETURN
  • Update DAA specification to reflect recent protocol upgrade (ASERTI3-2D)
  • Charts: Use index mode

Many thanks to Axel Gembe (@EchterAgo) for all the work he has done to improve the performance of the explorer so that it could be used also for BCH scalenet.


  • Initial support for BUIP 129 (@Dagurval)
  • Add block time to the home page
  • Use a more performant bitcoin-core fork library (@EchterAgo)
  • Add some proto support fort testnet4 and scalenet genesis (@EchterAgo)
  • Display "NO IFP" tag next blocks that signal for it
  • Fix miner info overwrite caused modifying the same object (@EchterAgo)
  • Fix a redis cache issue (@EchterAgo)


  • fix address searching (prefix not mandatory anymore for cashaddr format)
  • improve electrumx connection handling
  • handle 40X/50X http error cdes properly
  • update miners list
  • fix minor UI glitches


  • 10f0ca9 Disable stack logging by default. (Dan Janosik)
  • 4916dd1 more detailed network info on /node-status (Dan Janosik)
  • 009dd45 testnet support from blockchair (Dan Janosik)
  • 610d0a5 Updated frontend dependencies: (Dan Janosik)
  • 3156888 Escape search query printed in user alert message (Dan Janosik)
  • f34c2fd Restructure the list of API providers (#19) (Andrea Suisani)
  • c98b63a Update mining pools data (#18) (Andrea Suisani)
  • 1c41930 Bump package version to 0.0.3 (#17) (Andrea Suisani)
  • 2c41038 no coinbase in average fee (#16) (Proteus)
  • 5e40488 Add 2 more URLs in the "Related Sites" menu (#15) (Andrea Suisani)
  • Optional querying of UTXO set summary
    • Note: this is disabled by default to protect slow nodes. Set 'BTCEXP_SLOW_DEVICE_MODE' to false in your .env file to enjoy this feature.
  • More data in homepage "Network Summary":
    • Fee estimates (estimatesmartfee) for 1, 6, 144, 1008 blocks
    • Hashrate estimate for 1+7 days
    • New item for 'Chain Rewrite Days', using 7day hashrate
    • New data based on optional UTXO set summary (see note above):
      • UTXO set size
      • Total coins in circulation
      • Market cap
  • 24-hour network volume (sum of tx outputs). This value is calculated at app launch and refreshed every 30min.
  • Avg block time for current difficulty epoch with estimate of next difficulty adjustment
  • Tweaks to data in blocks lists:
    • Simpler timestamp formatting for easy reading
    • Include "Time-to-Mine" (TTM) for each block (with green/red highlighting for "fast"/"slow" (<5min/>15min) blocks)
    • Display average fee in sat/vB
    • Add total fees display
    • Demote display of "block size" value to hover
  • New data in "Summary" on Block pages (supported for bitcoind v0.17.0+)
    • Fee percentiles
    • Min / Max fees
    • Input / Output counts
    • Outputs total value
    • UTXO count change
    • Min / Max tx sizes
  • New tool /block-stats for viewing summarized block data from recent blocks
  • New tool /mining-summary for viewing summarized mining data from recent blocks
  • Change /mempool-summary to load data via ajax (UX improvement to give feedback while loading large data sets)
  • Zero-indexing for tx inputs/outputs (#173)
  • Reduced memory usage
  • Versioning for cache keys if using persistent cache (redis)
  • Labels for transaction output types
  • Configurable UI "sub-header" links
  • Start of RPC API versioning support
  • Tweaked styling
  • Homepage tweaks
    • Remove "Bitcoin Explorer" H1 (it's redundant)
    • Hide the "Date" (timestamp) column for recent blocks (the Age+TTM is more valuable)
  • New tool /block-analysis for analyzing the details of transactions in a block.* IMPORTANT: Use of /block-analysis can put heavy memory pressure on this app, depending on the details of the block being analyzed. If your app is crashing, consider setting a higher memory ceiling: node --max_old_space_size=XXX bin/www (where XXX is measured in MB).
  • Lots of minor bug fixes
  • New tool /difficulty-history showing a graph of the history of all difficulty adjustments
  • New tool to decode transactions script decoder
  • Add support for nodes that can retrieve block header (BCHN Unlimited and BCHN) and block (BCH Unlimited) by height rather than just hash


  • 37b4dfd Add more miners tags (#12) (Andrea Suisani)
  • 5c44c15 Update miners metadata (#11) (Andrea Suisani)
  • 81599eb Change "Donations" layout and display logic (#10) (Andrea Suisani)
  • dc5d867 Fix a layout problem in tools box div when RPC show is false (#9) (Andrea Suisani)
  • dd04bd8 Actually set BCH as the default ticker (#8) (Andrea Suisani)
  • 700395f Add chain length to the details view for an unconfirmed transaction (#7) (Andrea Suisani)
  • 549e5ff Remove RBF from transaction details view (#5) (Andrea Suisani)
  • f3f4e44 Decide to turn on/off RPC tools in config.js (#6) (Andrea Suisani)
  • 37eda80 Add BTCEXP_UI_SHOW_RPC conf parameter to turn on/off RPC layout el… (#4) (Andrea Suisani)
  • 5164e1c Fix another set quircks (#3) (Andrea Suisani)
  • 10f4942 Fix a few nits in README file (#2) (Andrea Suisani)


  • Make the needed adaptation to make it work with BHC nodes (tested with BU)

for earlier changelog history have look at upstream